The entrance is still in the physical world - somewhere backstage, between the curtains. Then the space and the journey itself become ever more unreal. Most propably, this is because of the darkness and silence, which deprive the senses of reference points and lead our imagination astray.
Tyndyk - the Actor undertakes to guide us trough this journey, even though he is lost himself while searching for his stage character. Meanwhile,Tyndyk - the Photographer is the architect, who captures splinters of the theatrical phantasmagoria, allowing us to peek at the hermetic world where mysterious processes are taking place.He portrays what is not for show, without unnecessary embellishments. The characters we encounter are fragmentary, while the space is disintegrated and absurd. Photographic labyrinth separates us from the outside world. It does not allow us to stop, forcing us to move on. The maze seems, to quote Gustav Rene Hocke, "a unifying metaphor ot the predictable and unpredictable elements of the world." curator: Krzysztof Kowalczyk nazwy-1_v3.jpg nazwy-2_v2.jpg